Interface HasDragRepositionStopHandlers

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ActiveXControl, AdvancedHiliteEditor, Applet, BatchUploader, BrowserPlugin, Button, Calendar, CalendarView, Canvas, ColorPicker, ColumnTree, CubeGrid, DateChooser, DateGrid, DateRangeDialog, DetailViewer, Dialog, DrawKnob, DrawPane, DynamicForm, EdgedCanvas, EditPane, EditTree, EventCanvas, EventWindow, FacetChart, FieldPicker, FieldPickerWindow, FilterBuilder, FilterClause, Flashlet, FlowLayout, Gauge, GridRenderer, HeaderControl, HiliteEditor, HiliteRule, HLayout, HStack, HTMLFlow, HTMLPane, IButton, IconButton, IconMenuButton, IMenuButton, Img, ImgButton, ImgSectionHeader, ImgSplitbar, ImgTab, IndicatorCanvas, Label, Layout, LayoutSpacer, ListGrid, ListPalette, ListPropertiesDialog, ListPropertiesPane, Menu, MenuBar, MenuButton, MenuPalette, MiniNavControl, MultiFilePicker, MultiGroupDialog, NavigationBar, NavigationButton, PortalLayout, Portlet, PrintCanvas, PrintWindow, Progressbar, PropertySheet, RangeSlider, RecordEditor, RibbonBar, RibbonGroup, RichTextEditor, Scrollbar, SearchForm, SectionHeader, SectionStack, SimpleTile, Slider, Snapbar, Splitbar, SplitPane, StatefulCanvas, StretchImg, StretchImgButton, SVG, TabBar, TableView, TabSet, TileGrid, TileLayout, TilePalette, Timeline, Toolbar, ToolStrip, ToolStripButton, ToolStripGroup, ToolStripMenuButton, ToolStripResizer, ToolStripSeparator, TransferImgButton, TreeGrid, TreeMenuButton, TreePalette, ViewLoader, VLayout, VStack, WidgetCanvas, Window, ZoneCanvas

public interface HasDragRepositionStopHandlers
extends HasHandlers

Method Summary
 HandlerRegistration addDragRepositionStopHandler(DragRepositionStopHandler handler)
          Executed when the mouse button is released at the end of the drag.
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HandlerRegistration addDragRepositionStopHandler(DragRepositionStopHandler handler)
Executed when the mouse button is released at the end of the drag. Your widget can use this opportunity to fire custom code based upon where the mouse button was released, etc.

Returning true from this handler will cause the dragTarget (or outline if dragAppearance is set to "outline") to be left in its current location. Returning false from this handler will cause it to snap back to its original location.

handler - the dragRepositionStop handler
HandlerRegistration used to remove this handler