Interface Summary
MultiSortCallback Called when the user defines and accepts one or more SortSpecifiers in the MultiSortDialog.
SimpleTypeFormatter Formatter for values of a SimpleType.
SimpleTypeParser Parser for edited values of a SimpleType.

Class Summary
AdvancedCriteria AdvancedCriteria is a format for representing search criteria which may include operators on field values such as "less than", or may include sub-clauses such as several criteria applied to fields joined by an "OR" operator.
Criteria Criteria for selecting only a matching set of records from a DataSource.
Criterion An object representing a criterion to apply to a record.
DataSource A DataSource is data-provider-independent description of a set of objects that will be loaded, edited and saved within the user interface of your application.
DataSourceField Metadata about a DataSourceField, including its type and validators.
DateRange A class specifying a range of dates.
DSRequest Request sent to the server to initiate a DataSource operation.
DSResponse Response sent by the server in response to a DataSource request.
FacadeDataSource Extends an arbitrary DataSource with the ability to queue requests made on it and dispatch the queued requests on demand.
FileSpec A record which specifies files for use with FileSource Operations.
Hilite An object representing a user-created and user-modifiable hilite, which can be created and edited with a HiliteEditor either directly or via the canEditHilites behavior.
MultiSortDialog A dialog that allows the user to set up complex sorting arrangements by defining a group of SortSpecifiers.
OperationBinding An operationBinding tells a DataSource how to execute one of the basic DS operations: fetch, add, update, remove.
Record A Record contains attributes that are displayed and edited by a DataBoundComponent.
RecordList An an ordered collection of Records.
RelativeDate This class is used used to specify a datetime offset within SmartGWT, for example for use in the RelativeDateItem class.
RequestTransformer The RequestTransformer provides the equivalent functionality of overriding DataSource.transformRequest(DSRequest) when instantiating a DataSource on the client.
ResponseTransformer The ResponseTransformer provides the equivalent functionality of overriding DataSource.transformResponse(DSResponse, DSRequest, Object) } when instantiating a DataSource on the client.
RestDataSource The RestDataSource implements the 4 core DataSource operations using a simple protocol of XML or JSON requests and responses sent over HTTP, which can be easily fulfilled by any HTTP server technology.
ResultSet ResultSets are a subclass implementation of RecordList that automatically fetches DataSource records when items are requested from the List.
SchemaSet A set of schema derived from the <xsd:schema> element in a WSDL or XML schema file loaded by XMLTools.loadWSDL(java.lang.String, or XMLTools.loadXMLSchema(java.lang.String,
SimpleType An atomic type such as a string or number, that is generally stored, displayed and manipulated as a single value.
SortSpecifier Class defining the details of a single sort operation
TextExportSettings Settings for use with DataSource.recordsAsText.
TextImportSettings Settings for use with DataSource.recordsFromText.
TextSettings Common base class of TextImportSettings.
WebService Class representing a WebService definition derived from a WSDL file.
WSDataSource A WSDataSource is a DataSource that is preconfigured to contact the WSDL web service built into the SDK (see isomorphic/system/schema/Smart GWTOperations.wsdl).
WSRequest A WSRequest (or "web service request") is an extended RPCRequest will additional properties application to WSDL/SOAP web services.
XJSONDataSource A DataSource preconfigured to use the "scriptInclude" transport (sometimes called "JSONP") for cross-domain calls to JSON services.