Class DrawPath

  extended by com.smartgwt.client.core.BaseClass
      extended by com.smartgwt.client.widgets.drawing.DrawItem
          extended by com.smartgwt.client.widgets.drawing.DrawPath
All Implemented Interfaces:, HasClickHandlers, HasDragMoveHandlers, HasDragResizeMoveHandlers, HasDragStartHandlers, HasDragStopHandlers, HasMouseDownHandlers, HasMouseMoveHandlers, HasMouseOutHandlers, HasMouseOverHandlers, HasMouseUpHandlers, HasMovedHandlers, HasResizedHandlers, HasShowContextMenuHandlers
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class DrawPath
extends DrawItem

Draws a multi-segment line.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.smartgwt.client.core.BaseClass
config, id, scClassName
Constructor Summary
DrawPath( jsObj)
Method Summary create()
 Point getCenter()
          Get the mean center of the path.
 KnobType[] getKnobs()
          NOTE: DrawPath items do not support knobs.
static DrawPath getOrCreateRef( jsObj)
 Point[] getPoints()
          Array of Points for the line.
 void moveBy(int dX, int dY)
          Move the points by dX,dY
 void moveTo(int left, int top)
          Move both the start and end points of the line, such that the startPoint ends up at the specified coordinate and the line length and angle are unchanged.
static void setDefaultProperties(DrawPath drawPathProperties)
          Class level method to set the default properties of this class.
 void setKnobs(KnobType... knobs)
          NOTE: DrawPath items do not support knobs.
 void setPoints(Point... points)
          Array of Points for the line.
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Constructor Detail


public DrawPath()


public DrawPath( jsObj)
Method Detail


public static DrawPath getOrCreateRef( jsObj)


public create()
create in class DrawItem


public void setKnobs(KnobType... knobs)
              throws java.lang.IllegalStateException
NOTE: DrawPath items do not support knobs.

setKnobs in class DrawItem
knobs - Default value is null
java.lang.IllegalStateException - this property cannot be changed after the underlying component has been created


public KnobType[] getKnobs()
NOTE: DrawPath items do not support knobs.

getKnobs in class DrawItem


public void setPoints(Point... points)
Array of Points for the line.

points - Default value is [[0,0], [100,100]]


public Point[] getPoints()
Array of Points for the line.



public Point getCenter()
Get the mean center of the path.

the mean center


public void moveBy(int dX,
                   int dY)
Move the points by dX,dY

moveBy in class DrawItem
dX - delta x coordinate in pixels
dY - delta y coordinate in pixels


public void moveTo(int left,
                   int top)
Move both the start and end points of the line, such that the startPoint ends up at the specified coordinate and the line length and angle are unchanged.

left - new startLeft coordinate in pixels
top - new startTop coordinate in pixels


public static void setDefaultProperties(DrawPath drawPathProperties)
Class level method to set the default properties of this class. If set, then all existing and subsequently created instances of this class will automatically have default properties corresponding to the properties set on the SmartGWT class instance passed to this function before its underlying SmartClient JS object was created. This is a powerful feature that eliminates the need for users to create a separate hierarchy of subclasses that only alter the default properties of this class. Can also be used for skinning / styling purposes.

Note: This method is intended for setting default attributes only and will affect all instances of the underlying class (including those automatically generated in JavaScript). This method should not be used to apply standard EventHandlers or override methods for a class - use a custom subclass instead. Calling this method after instances have been created can result in undefined behavior, since it bypasses any setters and a class instance may have already examined a particular property and not be expecting any changes through this route.

drawPathProperties - properties that should be used as new defaults when instances of this class are created