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Build Web and Native mobile applications for multiple platforms, in Java
BETA lets you use Java to build ultra-lightweight mobile applications with native look-and-feel, leveraging the same powerful server framework as Smart GWT.

Use Java and Eclipse to write mobile applications is based on GWT (Google Web Toolkit), which means you can write your application in Java using Eclipse, even using step-through debugging to troubleshoot. You never have to learn the idiosyncrasies of HTML and JavaScript behavior on different devices because that's handled by the framework - just write Java.

Single Codebase across multiple devices, web and installed lets you deliver to a variety of smartphone devices from a single codebase, instead of using 4-5 different sets of tools and technologies to build mobile apps for each major platform. supports packaging with PhoneGap to create installable native applications that have access to on-device resources such as the user's address book or photos.

The API and Server Platform you already know and Smart GWT use the same server technology. DataSources and server business logic defined in either technology can be immediately reused with the other, with no new coding required. Like Smart GWT, can also be integrated with third-party server technologies via REST services.

The UI components of have the same Java API as Smart GWT's UI components, resulting in quicker learning as well as both conceptual and code re-use between your desktop, tablet and mobile applications.

Ultra-lightweight with native look and feel

Through advanced use of CSS3 and HTML5 techniques, applications look and feel exactly like native mobile applications, even replicating smooth 3D animations and screen transitions.

Using GWT means that your application only downloads the specific widgets and features you actually use, automatically handling an important optimization process you would otherwise have to perform by hand.

Get Started

  • Live Examples

    Get out your mobile device and browse samples live.
    NOTE: supports mobile browsers only. For the nearest equivalent experience in a desktop browser, use Chrome or Safari.

  • Download the SDK is free and open source (LGPL). Instructions are included to download and integrate with the (commercial) SmartGWT server.

  • Read the Getting Started Guide

    Included in the SDK - user_guide.txt in the top-level directory

  • Read the FAQ

    Covers common questions such as when to use vs our other technologies