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Forrester Webinar

Forrester on Enterprise RIA Adoption: What a Difference a Good Strategy Makes

According to Forrester Research, RIA technology adoption has entered the mainstream. But what RIA technology, or mix of technologies, makes sense for your organization?

While plugin-based RIA technologies such as Flex and Silverlight are being aggressively marketed as next generation web platforms, recent browser upgrades and rapid adoption of new standards have made the incumbent Ajax platforms much more powerful. Hybrid approaches have the potential to capture the best of both worlds, but only when strengths and weaknesses are clearly understood.

This webinar will help application development professionals sort through the tactical and strategic issues regarding the purchase and deployment of RIAs in the enterprise.

Specifically we'll cover:

  • For what use cases are the different RIA technologies best suited?
  • Does it make sense to adopt multiple RIA technologies?
  • Does it make sense to combine RIA technologies within a single application?
  • Beyond features, what are the strategic implications of the different RIA technologies?
  • Where are RIA technologies headed in the next couple of years?

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