Interface DsSpecialFields

public interface DsSpecialFields

A DataSource allows you to declare that certain fields are the most important fields to show to a user in situations where space is limited, and only one or a few fields can be reasonably shown.

In the table below these special fields are summarized, along with their meaning, and examples of which field would be most appropriate from several example DataSources.

Attribute Example DataSource field Meaning
titleFieldnamesubjectitemName primary label for the record as a while
infoFieldjobsendercategory second most pertinent piece of textual information
dataFieldsalarydateprice most pertinent numeric, date or enum (eg status) field
descriptionFieldbiomessageBodydescription descriptive long text field
iconFieldphotostatusIconthumbnail an image or icon to accompany the title field

Examples of the use of these fields include the TileGrid's default choice of fields, and the drag tracker that follows the mouse cursor when data is being dragged between grids.

See Also:
DataSource.getTitleField(), DataSource.getIconField(), DataSource.getInfoField(), DataSource.getDataField(), DataSource.getDescriptionField()