Interface HasMovedHandlers

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ActiveXControl, AdvancedHiliteEditor, Applet, BatchUploader, BatchUploader, BrowserPlugin, Button, Calendar, CalendarView, Canvas, ColorPicker, ColumnTree, CubeGrid, DateChooser, DateGrid, DateRangeDialog, DetailViewer, Dialog, DrawKnob, DrawPane, DynamicForm, EdgedCanvas, EditPane, EditTree, EventCanvas, EventWindow, FacetChart, FieldPicker, FieldPickerWindow, FilterBuilder, FilterClause, Flashlet, FlowLayout, Gauge, GridRenderer, HeaderControl, HiliteEditor, HiliteRule, HLayout, HStack, HTMLFlow, HTMLPane, IButton, IconButton, IconMenuButton, IMenuButton, Img, ImgButton, ImgSectionHeader, ImgSplitbar, ImgTab, IndicatorCanvas, Label, Layout, LayoutSpacer, ListGrid, ListPalette, ListPropertiesDialog, ListPropertiesPane, Menu, MenuBar, MenuButton, MenuPalette, MiniNavControl, MultiFilePicker, MultiGroupDialog, NavigationBar, NavigationButton, PortalLayout, Portlet, PrintCanvas, PrintWindow, Progressbar, PropertySheet, RangeSlider, RecordEditor, RibbonBar, RibbonGroup, RichTextEditor, Scrollbar, SearchForm, SectionHeader, SectionStack, SimpleTile, Slider, Snapbar, Splitbar, SplitPane, StatefulCanvas, StretchImg, StretchImgButton, SVG, TabBar, TableView, TabSet, TileGrid, TileLayout, TilePalette, Timeline, Toolbar, ToolStrip, ToolStripButton, ToolStripGroup, ToolStripMenuButton, ToolStripResizer, ToolStripSeparator, TransferImgButton, TreeGrid, TreeMenuButton, TreePalette, ViewLoader, VLayout, VStack, WidgetCanvas, Window, ZoneCanvas

public interface HasMovedHandlers

Method Summary addMovedHandler(MovedHandler handler)
          Notification method fired when this component is explicitly moved.
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addMovedHandler addMovedHandler(MovedHandler handler)
Notification method fired when this component is explicitly moved. Note that a component's position on the screen may also changed due to an ancestor being moved. The Canvas.parentMoved method provides a notification entry point to catch that case as well.

handler - the moved handler
HandlerRegistration used to remove this handler