Interface HasVisibilityChangedHandlers

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ActiveXControl, AdvancedHiliteEditor, Applet, BatchUploader, BatchUploader, BrowserPlugin, Button, Calendar, Canvas, ColorPicker, ColumnTree, CubeGrid, DateChooser, DateGrid, DateRangeDialog, DetailViewer, Dialog, DrawPane, DynamicForm, EdgedCanvas, EditPane, EditTree, EventWindow, FacetChart, FieldPickerWindow, FilterBuilder, FilterClause, Flashlet, FlowLayout, Gauge, GridRenderer, HeaderControl, HiliteEditor, HiliteRule, HLayout, HStack, HTMLFlow, HTMLPane, IButton, IconButton, IconMenuButton, IMenuButton, Img, ImgButton, ImgSectionHeader, ImgSplitbar, ImgTab, Label, Layout, LayoutSpacer, ListGrid, ListPalette, ListPropertiesDialog, ListPropertiesPane, Menu, MenuBar, MenuButton, MenuPalette, MultiFilePicker, MultiGroupDialog, NavigationBar, NavigationButton, PortalLayout, Portlet, PrintCanvas, PrintWindow, Progressbar, PropertySheet, RangeSlider, RecordEditor, RibbonBar, RibbonGroup, RichTextEditor, Scrollbar, SearchForm, SectionHeader, SectionStack, SimpleTile, Slider, Snapbar, Splitbar, SplitPane, StatefulCanvas, StretchImg, StretchImgButton, SVG, TabBar, TableView, TabSet, TileGrid, TileLayout, TilePalette, Timeline, Toolbar, ToolStrip, ToolStripButton, ToolStripGroup, ToolStripMenuButton, ToolStripResizer, ToolStripSeparator, TransferImgButton, TreeGrid, TreeMenuButton, TreePalette, ViewLoader, VLayout, VStack, WidgetCanvas, Window

public interface HasVisibilityChangedHandlers

Method Summary addVisibilityChangedHandler(VisibilityChangedHandler handler)
          Notification fired when this canvas becomes visible or hidden to the user.
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addVisibilityChangedHandler addVisibilityChangedHandler(VisibilityChangedHandler handler)
Notification fired when this canvas becomes visible or hidden to the user. Note - this method is fired when the Canvas.isVisible state of this component changes. It may be fired in response an explicit call to or Canvas.hide or Canvas.setVisibility, or in response to a parent component being shown or hidden when this widgets visibility is set to "inherit".

Note that a call to or Canvas.hide will not always fire this notification. If this widget has a hidden parent, show or hide would change this components visibility property, and may update the CSS visibility attribute of the drawn handle in the DOM, but would not actually hide or reveal the component to the user and as such the notification would not fire.

Note also that this notification will only be fired for components which have been drawn.

handler - the visibilityChanged handler
HandlerRegistration used to remove this handler